2014 IEFS China Conference Program


2014 IEFS China Conference Program


5/26/2014 7:22:23 PM


International Economics and Finance Society China-----2014

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Tuesday May27th2014 · Registration


At lobby, Yinghua Hotel


At lobby, Catic Hotel



Wednesday May28th2014 · 8:00 – 8:30 | Registration


Chengxin Conference Hall (3rd floor)

At Chengxin Building



Wednesday May28th2014 · 8:30 – 8:50 | Opening


Chengxin Conference Hall (3rd floor)

At Chengxin Building



Wednesday May28th2014 · 8:50 – 10:50 | Keynote


Plenary Session : 8:50 – 10:20

Chengxin Conference Hall (3rd floor)

Keynote Speaker:ElhananHelpman, Harvard University

Title of speech: “Trade and Inequality”



Plenary Session :10:20 – 10:50

Keynote Speaker: Guijun Lin

Title of speech: “China’s Regional Economic Integration”


10:50 – 11:15 Coffee break

Chengxin Building (3rdFloor)





Wednesday May28th2014 ·11:15 – 12:45 | Parallel Sessions 1



Parallel Sessions 1

ChengxinBuiding 311

ChengxinBuiding 313

ChengxinBuiding 315

FDI and MNEs

Chair: Larry Qiu

Trade and Environment

Chair:Baomin DONG

Trade Costs

Chair: Kai XU

Larry Qiu (University of Hong Kong)

Ÿ   Foreign Acquisitions and Target Firms’ Performance:Evidence from China

Yuxiao ZHANG (Renmin University of China)

Ÿ   Contractual hazard, political hazard and FDI ownership structure in joint-venture enterprises in China

Xiaopeng YIN (University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Strategic Choices for Exporting: Theory and Empirical Evidences from China


Baomin DONG (Henan University)

Ÿ   A Stringent International Environmental Agreement May Worsen Local Environment

Tongsheng XU (University of Finance and Economics)

Ÿ   Impacts of Home and Foreign Environmental Regulations on China’s Export

Song WANG (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Ÿ   Study on Carbon Emissions Embodied in China-Japan Trade:A Perspective from Technical Heterogeneity


Kai XU (Zhejiang University)

Ÿ   Why Are Agricultural Goods Not Traded More Intensively: High Trade Costs or Low Productivity Variation


Jiaren PANG (Tsinghua University)

Ÿ   Does Entry Regulation Translate into Comparative(Dis) Advantage?


Hong MA (Tsinghua University)

Ÿ   Skill-complementary Imports and Skill Premium: Evidence from China



12:45 – 14.30 Lunch

1stCanteen (4thFloor)





Wednesday May28th 2014 ·14:30 – 16:00 | Parallel Sessions 2



Parallel Sessions 2

ChengxinBuiding 311

ChengxinBuiding 313

ChengxinBuiding 315

China’s Trade

Chair:Aiping YAO

Trade and Growth

Chair: Mario Crucini

Trade and Taxation

Chair: Ken Chan

Aiping YAO (Southwest University)

Ÿ   The Study of Measuring China's Agricultural Export Cost to the United States and Its Impact on Trade Growth

Wei GENG (TianJinUniversity ofFinanceandEconomics)

Ÿ   Why China Achieves Extraordinary Growth in Exports? The Role of Labor and Capital Market Distortion

Yue WEN ( Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Ÿ   The Effect of Trade Liberalization on Firm's Markups: Evidence From China

Mario Crucini (Vanderbilt University)

Ÿ   Distribution capital and the short- and long-run import demand elasticity


Ying ZHANG (University of Western Australia)

Ÿ   China’s Excess Saving: Implications for Global Financial Market


Ming FENG (Tsinghua University)

Ÿ   The Spillover Effect of China’s Economic Growth


Ken Chan (City University of Hong Kong)

Ÿ   A dynamic model of taxation, corruption and public investment in the dynastic cycle: the Case of Imperial China

Jie MA (University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Market Size, Cannibalization and Policy Competition for a MultiproductMultinational Firm

Pui Sun Tam ( University Macau)

Ÿ   The economics of taxation in casino tourism with cross-border market power

16:00 – 16:30Coffee break

Chengxin Building (3rdFloor)





Wednesday May28th2014 · 16:30 – 18:00 | Parallel Sessions 3


Parallel Sessions 3

ChengxinBuiding 311

ChengxinBuiding 313

ChengxinBuiding 315

Global Trade

Chair: Jin ZHANG

Trade and Market


Financial Market and Trade


Jin ZHANG (University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Parallel Developments of Trading Blocs in Asia: A Game Theoretical Explanation


Chunding LI ( Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Ÿ   How Would Bilateral Trade Retaliation Affect China?


Weibo XING (University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Bilateral Trust and Trade: Evidence from China


PascalisRaimondos-Møller (Copenhagen Business School)

Ÿ   Market Access and Welfare: is there a conflict?


Shi-Shu PENG (National Taipei University)

Ÿ   Who's in The Forbes Global 2000? The Role of Home Market, Multinational Firm, and Economic Development


Chunren SUN (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Agglomeration and Trade


JiandongJU (Oklahoma University)

Ÿ   Evidence on the credit channel of monetary policy:solving causality bu using the impossible trinity

Ran JING (University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Crisis, Financial Costs, and Export Margins: Evidence from China

Huanlang HE (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Exports, Political Connections and Credit Constraints: A Firm-level Empirical Investigation of China




18:00 Conference Dinner






Thursday May29th2014 · 9:00 – 10:30 | Parallel Sessions 4





Parallel Sessions 4

ChengxinBuiding 311

ChengxinBuiding 313

ChengxinBuiding 315

Trade Policy

Chair:Zhihong Yu

Trade and Currency

Chair: Kwan Choi

Effects of Trade

Chair:Lex Zhao

Zhihong Yu (University of Nottingham)

Ÿ   From One to Many Central Plans: Drug Advertising Inspections and Intra-National Protectionism in China

Wusheng Yu (University of Copenhagen)

Ÿ   India’s Trade and Domestic Food Policies in the Era of High Food Prices:a Computable General Equilibrium Analysis

Jie LI (Jinan University)

Ÿ   Privatization and Strategic Trade Policy under International Mixed Oligopoly

Kwan Choi (Iowa State University)

Ÿ   Unemployment and Optimal Currency Intervention in an Open Economy


Chi Chur Chao (Deakin University)

Ÿ   Foreign Quantitative Easing, Exchange Rates and Regime Collapse in an Emerging Economy


Lex Zhao (Kobe University)

Ÿ   Exporting on low wages, like China


Quan DONG ( South China Normal University)

Ÿ   Intellectual Property Rights and North-South Trade: Exports vs. Foreign Direct Investment


Linhui YU (Zhejiang University)

Ÿ   the Pro-Competitive Effect of Trade: An Empirical Investigation of the Firm Markup Distribution

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break

Chengxin Building (3rdFloor)





Thursday May29th2014 · 11:00 – 12:30 | Parallel Sessions 5




Parallel Sessions 5

ChengxinBuiding 311

ChengxinBuiding 313

ChengxinBuiding 315

China Trade II

Chair: Qi LIN

Chinese firms in globalization

Chair:Meixin GUO

Chinese Macro

Chair: Yong WANG

Qi LIN (Sun Yat-sen University)

Ÿ   Ownership Concentration and Growth Options Effect on Leverage: Evidence from China

Wenxia ZHAO   (Central University of Finance and Economics)

Ÿ   Carry trades and Central bank intervention: Evidence from China

Yuanyuan JIA (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Trade liberalization, Proximity to Frontier and quality upgrading of Exports:Evidence from China

Meixin GUO (Tsinghua University)

Ÿ   Globalization and Consumption Risk Sharing across Provinces in China

Wei TIAN(University of International Business and Economics)

Ÿ   Trade-Oriented Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Chinese Firms

Jugao YANG (Zhejiang University)

Ÿ   What is Used by the World Factory to Produce Exports: A Decomposition and Cross-country Comparison Based on a Non-Competitive Input-Output Model

Yong WANG (City University of Hong Kong)

Ÿ   Long-run relationship between inequality and growth: The Chinese case


Daoju PENG (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Ÿ   SOE and Chinese Real Business Cycle


Xun ZHANG (Peking University)

Ÿ   Multinational Operation and Corporate Capital Structure: An Ownership Perspective


12:45 – 14.30 Lunch

1stCanteen (4thFloor)





Thursday May29th2014 · 14:30 – 16:00 | Parallel Sessions 6


Parallel Sessions 6

Chengxin Conference Hall

ChengxinBuiding 313

ChengxinBuiding 315

Open Macro



Chair: Michael Landesmann

China’s Trade

Chair:Jakob Roland Munch

GeorgiosChortareas (King's College London)

Ÿ   Fiscal Policy Rules in Monetary Unions: Are they Enforceable?


TheodorosPanagiotidis   (University of Macedonia)

Ÿ   Inflation and Individual stocks over the long-run


Michael Landesmann (The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies)

Ÿ   Overcoming ‘structural’ external disequilibria in Europe


Jingjia ZHANG (Nankai University)

Ÿ   Quantitative Easing Policy and Exporting Behavior Evidences from Chinese Firms


Yan ZHOU (Nankai University)

Ÿ   The productivity impacts of antidumping protection on domestic firms: Evidence from China manufacturers

Jakob Roland Munch (University of Copenhagen)

Ÿ   The Impact of Chinese Import Penetration on Danish Firms and Workers

Da HUO ( Central University of Finance and Economics)

Ÿ   Interplay between Product Diversification Strategy and Internationalization Strategy: A Corporate Decision of Chinese Companies

Faqin LIN (Central University of Finance and Economics)

Ÿ   How Do Importers Respond to Political Tensions? Evidence from China

16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break

Chengxin Building (3rdFloor)


Thursday May29th2014 · 16:30 – 17:00 | Closing


Chengxin Conference Hall (3rd floor)



18:00 Conference Dinner